Stenomask is a hand-held microphone built into a padded, sound-proof enclosure that fits over the speaker’s mouth. The purpose of a Stenomask is to allow a person to speak without being heard by other people, and to keep background noise away from the microphone.

Steno SR Pro-1

Are you looking for a microphone that provides total voice privacy and noise cancellation at the office, in public or at home?

Talk Technologies is the leading authority on Stenomask, we invented it over 70 years a go. Steno SR (SR signifies speech recognition) is our sixth generation Stenomask microphone, its applications are more relevant today than ever before.
Steno SR works precisely the same way as the world’s premiere sound booths except in pocket-sized form, guaranteeing absolute voice privacy and a crystal-clear sound signal while simultaneously eliminating all background noise. The ergonomic design allows you to hold it comfortably in either hand or, if you prefer, use the hands free option. Our Quiet Cushion face-piece provides incredible comfort and sound proofing. A breathing port inside the mask allows you to speak and breath naturally. Stenomask is the quintessential microphone when privacy and discretion are called for as well as in noisy or crowded environments. It can be used with any type of device including, phones, tablets, computers, recorders, transmitters, two way radios and amplifiers. Wherever there is a microphone input, you can use a Stenomask.
The highest accuracy speech recognition results Speech recognition presents different challenges. In an office or public space for example, there can be multiple sound sources: people talking, equipment, TV and independent music/radio sources, interior and exterior noise. Isolating the source of a command, cancelling echoes and background noise requires sophisticated technology. Steno SR is the worlds only speech recognition microphone that provides complete privacy and noise cancellation. When used in conjunction with speech recognition software such as Dragon, it allows you to achieve up to 100% text accuracy in real-time by eliminating all background noise. Going from your voice to your text document has never been more accurate or private.

Security you can trust

Voice security and privacy are more important and harder to find than ever. For this reason we invested over three years of research and development to create the Steno SR series. It provides total voice privacy and the best noise cancellation properties of any microphone device available on the market today.

Steno SR highlights

  • The most accurate and private voice mask on the market
  • Proprietary background noise eliminating technology
  • 30% lighter and quieter than any previous mask
  • Enhanced SmartMic technology for speech recognition
  • Ergonomically designed for extended use
  • Lightweight cords with stereo plugs
  • Several models to choose from including a removable hands free option
  • Domestically manufactured, assembled and tested in house
  • Most affordable Stenomask to date now with optional 3-year extended warranty
Steno SR Pro-1
Industries where Stenomask is currently used:
  • Healthcare – Many clinicians use voice technology for clinical decision support and documentation in their office or home, however they are much less inclined to do so in the presence of patients and peers due to privacy issues (HIPAA) and background noise affecting accuracy.
  • Law enforcement – As the demands for quality, timely and increasingly standardized police incident reporting continue to rise, cumbersome reporting processes can impact productivity, efficiency and officer safety in ever increasing loud and crowded public spaces. Our proprietary voice isolating, micro sound booth technology ensures a safer and more accurate way to create incident reports and perform other essential tasks—all by voice.
  • Military- Security – Verbally transmitting sensitive information without fear or consequence of being overheard by someone or listened in on by surveillance equipment. Eliminating all background noise in situation such as an aircraft carrier, battlefield, parade, concert etc.
  • Legal – lawyers and or court interpreters that need to relay or document sensitive information via voice.
  • Assistive technology – Individuals with disabilities that use speech recognition technology at work, home and school. Recently we have seen a dramatic increase in people embracing this technology at work and in the classroom. Used in conjunction with speech recognition software it affords them the ability to work freely, anywhere, without having to worry about disturbing others or being overheard.
  • Education/students – privately taking voice notes during lectures or using speech recognition to write papers without disturbing others
  • Court reporters – the demand for court reporters across the country is skyrocketing. Projections indicate that the shortage represents nearly 5,500 qualified reporters.  An individual can become a certified (Stenomask) verbatim court reporter in as little as 6 months. Stenomask is used in every military courtroom in the USA.
  • Commuters, open office workers – Privately transcribing emails or documents on a train, bus or airplane without disturbing others or making confidential phone calls and voice notes.
  • High decibel work environments- Packaging and processing plants, manufacturing, construction, security, engine rooms, concerts, battlefield, airports, nightclubs
  • Language interpreters – Stenomask used with a transmitter enables clear, noise free voice transmissions when information needs to be provided in one or more language to large or dispersed groups. These vertical markets include meetings, tour groups, churches, businesses, hospitals, schools, military, law enforcement etc.
  • Entertainment – theaters, recording studios, movie sets, audio description


Ideal Situations for Stenomask

  • Verbal documentation of information when and where privacy is of the utmost importance
  • Conducting private phone conversations or voice to text in any situation
  • Simultaneous language interpretation without the need for a sound booth
  • Privately transcribing emails or documents on a train, bus or airplane without disturbing others
  • Discreetly taking verbal notes during a lecture or business meeting
  • Theater / stage direction
  • Crystal clear voice communication on a high decibel work site or situation. e.g. laboratory, call center, factory, engine room, construction site, airport, concert, nightclub
  • Verbally transmitting sensitive or personal information without fear or consequence of being overheard by someone or listened in on by surveillance equipment
Keep voice communications and transcriptions completely private and silent while simultaneously increasing productivity and well being.

“As a remote worker I sometimes want to work from otherwise noisy places like Starbucks and Panera. The trouble I ran into is that most mics would pickup the background noise along with my voice and I would be freely leaking potentially sensitive information.

This mic solves both issues elegantly.

I can even use this mic in an airport and the other participants in Zoom won’t know unless I tell them. I can also use this as a passenger in a car and the driver can’t hear me. It’s simply a must-have for anyone who needs to participate in professional meetings while on the go.

There is a hardware gain adjustment you can make to tailor the mic pickup to your natural speaking volume. This is one of like 4 ways this product tries to prevent background noise from getting picked up. The others include mics tailored to the human vocal range and a sound-proofed case”

E.S. Widner – Amazon Customer Review

Using Stenomask to silently transcribe with Dragon 15 Speech Recognition Software

“These are awesome devices. They have really revamped the mics and the connections from what they originally had. I have the new SR Pro and love it” Mikel McCary– Resource Center for Independent Living Kansas

Thank you for the wonderful surprise, my new Steno SR Pro. I spent quite a bit of time testing the mask and I’m thrilled to report it is even better than the previous SmartMic design. Your claims are correct on all fronts. It’s considerably lighter and quieter. The speech recognition accuracy is amazing and I love the new sleeker, streamlined design. Court reporters will be very pleased! In my opinion there was no need to come up with a new mask design, yet you guys did and made it remarkably better. Congratulations, very high tech!” Bettye A. Keyes, author of “Voice Writing Method” CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR

“Comfortable and effective device! This works great in the classroom. I can confidently take voice notes without bothering anyone around me” M. Shain, Tulane University