There’s a big problem with speech recognition microphones: they permit background noise to overwhelm recordings and allow everyone to overhear what you are saying.

We have the solution.

The new SmartMic patented technology has revolutionized speech recognition accuracy. Now you can whisper and achieve accurate results. The SmartMic allows you to simply tune the microphone to your voice to obtain maximum accuracy by perfectly matching the Speech Recognition software requirements. Want to whisper one day and speak normally the next? Have a cold? No problem. Now you can quickly re-tune your microphone to detect your speech at the desired level. This microphone circuit doesn’t just amplify sound. Its unique technology actually enhances audio qualities allowing for vocal input levels within virtually any range.

The widespread use of mobile devices has dramatically increased the number and types of consumer applications using speech technologies. Virtual assistants and agents now answer your questions using conversational interactions. New mobile applications are available that listen and speak with you. You can even speak directly to your mobile device. This is resulting in a revolution of how consumers use the power of computing wherever they are and whenever they need it.

New applications of speech technologies are appearing daily. Consumers are using speech to manage a wide range of electronic appliances such as TV’s, entertainment centers, home security systems, and home environment systems. Drivers speak and listen to their cars. Voice enabled robotic machines are beginning to do our bidding. Speech will be a major part of the user interface to all manner of gadgets and devices in the Internet of Things. Speech technologies are now being used in more business applications, including picking goods in warehouses, diagnosing illness, order entry and tracking.

In any situation the noise cancelling Sylencer is the only microphone able to accurately accomplish these tasks or new applications with complete voice privacy while also eliminating all ambient or background noise.

The SmartMic, when combined with the Andrea USB adapter, provides more accurate speech recognition than any other voice containment product available.