The Talk Tech Sylencer is the worlds best noise cancelling microphone for speech recognition and private voice communication.

What Is a Sylencer/Stenomask?

The Sylencer or Stenomask is our patented, ergonomically designed, hand-held device used to contain or silence the user’s voice. Inside is a special microphone allowing the speaker to transmit, record or communicate without being overheard by others. In essence, the Sylencer /Stenomask functions like a portable sound booth allowing quiet and private communication.

The user holds the Sylencer against the face while speaking into the microphone inside the housing. The Sylencer contains or silences the user’s voice as well as excluding unwanted noise from outside. The result is clear and quiet communication. The Sylencer can be plugged into a variety of equipment including recorders, transmitters, phones, amplifiers and computers. Wherever there is a microphone, you can use a Sylencer. It is ideal for anyone requiring privacy, voice silencing or noise reduction communication.


  • The Sylencer comes with two interchangeable facepieces. One facepiece covers only the mouth; the other facepiece covers the nose and mouth and is used for greater silencing.
  • Instruction manual included
  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Optional carry case available

The Sylencer/Stenomask is currently used by:

  • Court Stenographers for verbatim recording of court proceedings.
  • Interpreters for simultaneous language translation.
  • Police and military personnel for communicating quietly and privately.
  • Job trainers and supervisors in noisy work environments.
  • Speech recognition software users.
  • Investigators, reporters, physicians, researchers, students, secretaries, insurance agents and others for recording their notes quietly and privately — in any location.

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Stenomask - Sylencer

  • “I love the newly designed Stenomask Sylencer! I’ve been using it for weeks now with my StenoScribe software. Compared to the mask I was using before, it silences better, it is lighter, and it is more comfortable to the face and hand. Because of its improved silencing ability, I am able to speak louder, and I’ve seen better recognition. I didn’t even have to retrain new speech files!”
    Sharon J. Johnson

  • “I got your mask last week and I absolutely love it!!!!  I am never going back to my mini-mask.  Now, I’ll never have to worry that anyone can hear me.  It’s not only feather light, but it’s a dream to clean, pack, and move to the bench, around a room, and jury box with.  The face piece is easy to clean and makes a perfect seal with no sweat rings and marks on my face even after a full day in depos or especially court.  Thank you!!!!!!”
    Melanie Misch
    AudioScribe User