Increase worker productivity 66% by reducing the noise levels in your workplace

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Keep voice communications and transcriptions completely private and silent while simultaneously increasing productivity and well being.

Why do so many of us hate our open offices? The quiet chatter of colleagues and the gentle thrum of the HVAC should help us focus. The problem may be that, in our offices, we can’t stop ourselves from getting drawn into others’ conversations or from being interrupted while we’re trying to focus. Indeed, researchers found that face-to-face interactions, conversations, and other disruptions negatively affect the creative process.
In fact the research shows workers can be up to 66% less productive when exposed to just one nearby conversation.

Sounds, particularly those made by other humans, rank as the No. 1 distraction in the workplace. According to workplace design expert Alan Hedge at Cornell, 3 out of 4 of workers say they face “many” instances of disturbances and distractions from noise.”In general, if it’s coming from another person, it’s much more disturbing than when it’s coming from a machine,” he says, because, as social beings, humans are attuned to man-made sounds. He says overheard conversations draw attention away from tasks at hand.

With over 70% of offices now open plan and little to no worker segregation – think of all that lost productivity.

Taken together, the lesson here is that the ideal space for focused work is not about freedom from noise, but about freedom from interruption. Finding a space you can hide away in isn’t an option for most. However, if the noise level in your workplace is harming productivity and well being there is a practical solution that can create privacy immediately at little cost. Stenomask is a noise isolation microphone, that keeps voice communications and transcriptions completely private and silent. It becomes a personal sound booth when used in conjunction with noise cancelling headphones. The U.S. military has been using this technology for over seventy years and it is now finding it’s way into today’s open offices and public spaces. Compatible with computers, phones, tablets and all speech recognition software, it is an affordable solution to a costly problem.

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