Speech Recognition

Stenomask / Sylencer®

The Sylencer® is available with special microphones compatible with all speech recognition software and can also be used with recorders, transmitters, phones, and computers.

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Speech Recognition / SmartMic

The world’s best noise cancelling microphone for voice recognition and private communication.

The SmartMic allows you to simply tune the microphone to your voice to obtain maximum accuracy.

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Interpretation / Talksystem®

Affordable interpretation/translation equipment for schools, churches, community meetings or anywhere you need your message to be heard.

Basic complete systems include a Sylencer, a portable FM transmitter, FM receivers (with dual earphones and batteries), and a heavy duty carry case.

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Talk Technologies is a family owned and operated business.

Manufactures and sells its proprietary voice silencing products. (ergonomically designed, hand-held device used to contain or silence the user’s voice).

Its principle products are the TALKSYSTEM®, the SMARTMIC, and the SYLENCER®/STENOMASK®.



Hear what our clients have to say

  • “This new technology will convince the present generation that regardless of their dictation style, they can get great results with speech recognition.
    After bench testing this mask, I can tell you, without hesitation or qualification, that it will greatly accelerate the commoditization of voice within the reporting industry. Speech recognition technology is now within every voice writer’s reach.”

    Dave Rogala, CCR, CSR, CVR-CM

    Dave Rogala

  • “Throughout my entire realtime voice writing career, I have never achieved acceptable levels of accuracy with whispered speech….but that was yesterday’s microphone technology!  After creating a set of speech files in both ViaVoice® and NaturallySpeaking® with a whisper and the new Sylencer® mask, I was confounded by the accurate results. Not believing what I was experiencing I had to do more testing. Many sets of speech files later, I was convinced.  I am so excited about your mask you have no idea. You are doing such a service to our industry.

    This microphone is the revolutionary missing link!”

    Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR, RVR

    Bettye Keyes

  • “I got your mask last week and I absolutely love it!!!!  I am never going back to my mini-mask.  Now, I’ll never have to worry that anyone can hear me.  It’s not only feather light, but it’s a dream to clean, pack, and move to the bench, around a room, and jury box with.  The face piece is easy to clean and makes a perfect seal with no sweat rings and marks on my face even after a full day in depos or especially court.  Thank you!!!!!!”
    Melanie Misch
    AudioScribe User

  • “I love the newly designed Stenomask Sylencer! I’ve been using it for weeks now with my StenoScribe software. Compared to the mask I was using before, it silences better, it is lighter, and it is more comfortable to the face and hand. Because of its improved silencing ability, I am able to speak louder, and I’ve seen better recognition. I didn’t even have to retrain new speech files!”
    Sharon J. Johnson

  • “(The TalkSystem) allows simultaneous translations to be heard by meeting participants in a way that doesn’t disturb those around them.”
    Newspaper of the Association of California School Administrators

  • “We were pleased with the ease this system allows in facilitating translations.”
    Dr. Barbara Christina
    Supervisor, Bilingual/ESLTechnical Assistance Center.

  • “I don’t know how I ever lived without the system – it’s just amazing what we are able to do!”
    Lupe Simpson
    Parent Involvement LAUSD