Does the TalkSystem do voice translation from one language to another without an interpreter?

No, interpreters are still required for voice to voice translation.  Software is available to do voice to print and print to voice but not voice to voice.  This technology is still out of reach and not likely to be available for many years.  Talk Technologies will certainly take advantage of the technology when it does become available.  The Talk System Sylencer, however, does work very well with the latest voice recognition software.

How many languages other than the presenter’s language can the TalkSystem support?

Not including the language of the presenter, the TalkSystem can be used to translate up to thirty two different languages on eight different channels. If the presentation were in English, then eight interpreters would speak into eight Sylencers that would transmit out to an unlimited number of receivers used by the non-English-speaking audience members.

Can I get other accessories with my TalkSystem?

Yes! Talk Technologies has a wide variety of accessory products for use with your TalkSystem. Just ask and we probably have it!

Does the Sylencer work with voice/speech recognition?

Yes! The Sylencer, combined with the Andrea USB Adapter, works extremely well with all popular voice recognition engines such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, IBM Via-Voice, and Microsoft Speech.  The real advantage is that it will work in noisy environments where other microphones would have terrible recognition. Reporters, Students, Investigators, Physicians, Researchers, Police Officers or anyone who requires silent speech recognition or reliable recognition in a noisy environment can really benefit from this system.  The system requires an available USB port on your computer.

What is USB and do I need it to use the Sylencer?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is available on all new computers.  Depending on the age of your computer, it may or may not have USB ports available.  If not, the Sylencer will plug into a standard computer sound card, although this will not provide as good recognition as with a USB adapter. 

To see if your system supports USB, go to and download and run the free utility ‘USBready’ that will determine whether or not your system supports USB.

What kind of microphone does the Sylencer use and what will it plug in to?

We provide several different microphones depending on your application. The Sylencer can be used with any device that has a microphone input!

What kind of plugs are available with the Sylencer?

Talk Technologies provides three standard plugs with our system: 1/8 inch (3.5 mm), 1/4 inch (7.35mm), and XLR (“three prong”) male plugs.

Will TalkTech do custom orders with other mic’s, plugs, or hardware?

Yes, we will be happy to put together a special MIC, plug, or adapter to meet your silencing needs.  We will send you the device and you will have thirty days to return it, should it not work properly with your system.

Why can’t I hear anything with my USB adapter when I plug it into my headset?

The Andrea USB adapter is a half duplex device which means that it does not allow you to listen and talk at the same time.  Part of the reason the Adapter works so well with our mask is that it does not have additional computer to audio signals to corrupt the input signal from the Sylencer. Instead, it provides a jack and adapter cord (with pink ends) that will plug into the USB wire side of the adapter that plugs into your computer sound card.

Why won’t my Sylencer work with my other USB Pod?

The standard Sylencer mask has a mono plug that will plug into most audio devices.  Since most USB pods/adapters are full duplex devices, they require stereo plugs to plug into them.  We can provide mono to stereo adapter plugs, should you wish to use the Sylencer with a different USB adapter.  These adapter plugs can also be purchased at your local electronics store.

My speech recognition “Speech-to-Noise-Ratio” is really low. What can I do?

 The “Speech-to-Noise-Ratio” is used in speech recognition as a way of rating the quality of your microphone.  A high ratio indicates that your speech, when compared to both sound (that occurs when you speak) and electronic noise (anything from computers to car engines that use or produce electricity), is quite strong relative to the noise signals.  A low ratio indicates that you may be speaking too loudly or even too quietly into the mask.  Refer to the “Proper Breathing Technique” section in the manual that you received with your Sylencer for proper breathing and speaking Techniques.  It takes practice to get good recognition but the system does work very well once you master the techniques!