Talk Technologies is a family owned and operated business.

Talk Technologies Inc. manufactures and sells its proprietary voice silencing products Sylencer/Stenomask – an ergonomically designed, hand-held recording device used to contain or silence the user’s voice, our SmartMic – the worlds best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone and the TalkSystem – a simultaneous language interpretation system. 

Our microphones and language interpretation equipment are currently used in hundreds of schools, universities and courtrooms across the country as well as other industries including healthcare, law enforcement and construction.


Talk Technologies is proud to list such distinguished clients as

• NYC Department of Education
• Department of the Army Inspector General- Pentagon
• U.S. Naval Justice Institute
• National Guard Counterdrug Task Force
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT
• Ohio State University
• Kaiser Permanente Healthcare
• Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
• Advantage Voice Recognition Software
• Australia Council for the Arts

We pride ourselves on having the best products, warranty and customer service in the industry. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you have.

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